Irvine, California based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) recently published a blog post on their website discussing how people can keep busy while staying at home due to COVID-19 related lockdown orders.

As noted in the blog post, all of humanity is living in a rather ironic time. Just a few months ago, most people were feeling tired and fatigued from work but when COVID-19 came, everyone found that they now have an excessive amount of free time. Unfortunately, while they seemingly have all the time in the world today to do as they please, they can only spend it while staying at home given the strict community quarantine and lockdown orders.

With all of the free time brought upon by the pandemic, Hard Drive Recovery Group suggests three main ways to stay productive during these unusual circumstances.

First and foremost, people should not underestimate the importance of staying fit. With the prevalence of COVID-19, it is crucial to keep the body healthy and the immune system strong. Even if people are indoors, they can still exercise and engage in various physical activities. In line with this, the blog post includes a link to another article that lists exercises that are effective but do not require the use of heavy equipment. They include burpees, body-weight moves (such as push-ups and squats) and other exercises that can be conveniently done at home. In fact, there are numerous exercises involving one’s body weight that target specific areas of the body and can be modified with different degrees of difficulty. People can also be creative in using household items as fitness tools, such as using pails of water as weights or chairs as additional support when doing squats.

The blog post states that another useful way to spend excessive free time is for people to work on their own skills. Whether it is a new skill that they can add to their professional portfolio, upgrade their existing set of talents with or simply learn something more practical (like cooking), taking the opportunity to learn new skills is undoubtedly a constructive way to cope with physical isolation. In line with this, the blog post provides a link to another article that lists good online platforms to learn and study new skills and topics.

The article recommends Udemy, which is an online platform that offers some of the top online courses in the world. It also talks about Skillshare as the platform offers a large number of technical and creative subjects for those with varying interests. Additionally, it highlights LinkedIn Learning, which they assert gives people access to numerous online courses that can help them unlock better career prospects. The article also recommends other online learning platforms such as Coursera and FutureLearn.

Another way to keep busy while staying at home is to clean and organize everything. The blog post points out that, since the lockdown and quarantine orders resulted from a rapidly spreading virus, it only makes sense to clean and disinfect one’s home and surroundings. This is especially valid considering most people are staying in their homes for an extended period of time, so it is vital to always clean the house and all the things in it, like smartphones, keyboards, home furniture, appliances and so on. In addition to cleaning the house physically, people may find themselves digitally cleaning as well, erasing a few unwanted or unnecessary files—or even organizing digital folders.

However, Hard Drive Recovery Group warns of the possibility that people may go overboard and end up deleting important files. If ever that happens, Hard Drive Recovery Group is pleased to offer their comprehensive digital services and is more than willing to help people recover their important files.

Those interested in learning more about Hard Drive Recovery Group may find more information on their website, and clients who are in need of professional data recovery services may connect with Hard Drive Recovery Group online via their preferred social media platforms to stay up to date with the company’s news and announcements.

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