Irvine, California based Hard Drive Recovery Group is reaching out to the community to share information on how to monitor one’s internet connection to guarantee it is working at its full potential. The company specializes in data recovery services, which gives them a great deal of experience in most subjects related to computers and other devices.

In their most recently published article, Hard Drive Recovery Group touches upon one of the most common topics of concern among their readers: Internet Speed. With more people working from home and relying on the internet to complete everyday tasks, issues with internet speed have become more apparent. With users seeking a solution to their unbearably slow internet connections, the local tech specialists have taken it upon themselves to inform their community of the most common causes for a slow internet connection—along with advice on how they may fix these issues.

Maureen Davies, a representative of the Hard Drive Recovery Group, states, “From faulty devices, unwanted background updates and even unwelcome guests, there are a number of factors that can affect your internet’s performance. While it can be hard to pinpoint the thing that is slowing down your internet, there are a number of actions you can take to narrow down the options. We invite you to try these before you reach out to your internet provider and file a complaint as these solutions will work in most circumstances, speeding up your internet connection significantly.”

The first, and one of the most simple solutions recommended by Hard Drive Recovery Group to speed up internet connection, is a simple reboot of the internet router. While these devices are designed to work on an uninterrupted basis, a simple reboot goes a long way in terms of speeding up an internet connection. It can help avoid attempts at hacking the network in addition to freeing up limited router memory and even applying important router updates that may have been on hold since the last reboot. Rebooting a device is as simple as unplugging all devices from it and unplugging the router itself from the power source. After a minute or so, plugging everything as it was and turning the router back on should complete the reboot.

If there is no significant improvement after rebooting the device, the company states that the next step is to manage its Wi-Fi channels, which can also help for data protection. It is necessary to figure out whether the router is dual or tri-band as this will determine how much the connections can be spread across different bands. Different bands work better on some devices depending on their proximity to the router.

“While you manage your Wi-Fi channels, you may want to take a look at the different devices that are connected to your network,” says Davies. She remarks that one cause of poor internet performance can often be uninvited guests on the network who are taking up the bandwidth for their own use. This issue can be solved in many different ways, from kicking out unnecessary devices, choosing to slow down particular connections and restricting the length of time some devices can connect to the network. If nothing else works, changing the device’s password will force all devices out and require a manual re-connection, leaving out all unwanted devices.

Hard Drive Recovery Group possesses several customer reviews that attest to the excellence of their services. On the Google platform alone, they enjoy a perfect review score of 5 Stars, which places them among the best-rated data recovery specialists in the area.

One of the most recent comments on this space, shared by Ramiro Ames, says, “Lou and his team really went out of their way to help me, which was great as I had already been to other data recovery services nearby and all of them said there was nothing they could do. HDRG restored all the data on my hard drive and had it back to me by the end of the week. No nonsense, high quality data recovery!”

The company’s website offers more details on the Hard Drive Recovery Group and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Maureen Davies to follow up on any inquiries as well, and more resources on similar tech-related topics can also be found on their blog.

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