Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Group (HDRG) recently published a new blog post that seeks to identify and explain several programs that can be used to recover lost data without necessitating the help of a professional. As the company is dedicated to helping their community recover and preserve their data, they hope that this information will help those who are unable to access a data recovery expert or only suffer relatively minor problems that can be dealt with on their own.

“Not all instances of data loss would require our help,” observes Hard Drive Recovery Group. “Many pieces of software exist online that can help you recover your precious files, and many of these programs are also freely available in one form or another. We urge you to consider all your options before you decide how to proceed. Should you be able to resolve the issue on your own, that may be the end of it. However, should the loss be too extensive or should you not be able to find a program that can help you recover a specific type of file, we encourage you to get in touch with a professional service like HDRG.” This is true for customers who do not wish to endure the hassle of recovering their data on their own as well. HDRG welcomes all who seek out their assistance.

While data recovery software once sustained a poor reputation, the company’s blog post notes that recent times have seen their popularity grow, fueled by a reported improvement in efficiency and success rates. Notably, free versions of paid software are among the most disliked, as these tend to be nearly unusable. On the other hand, many users report a fairly positive experience with freeware (software that is completely free). HDRG’s post takes a look at a variety of such programs in order to explore the advantages (or disadvantages) they offer.

First on the list is Recuva, a paid software that is nonetheless considered extremely affordable. Available only on Windows, Recuva is known to boast fast scan times that help make it a popular option when combined with its affordability. However, some users who have tried Recuva alongside its peers have noted that it does not seem to have as many features as its competition. HDRG adds that many free or ‘affordable’ programs should also not be considered one-stop solutions that will instantly recover all data automatically. Some computer know-how may be required, and additional software or strategies may need to be used for comprehensive data recovery.

Next on HDRG’s list is MiniTool Power Data Recovery, a relatively easy piece of software to use that has the advantage of being able to recover data from SD cards and CD/DVDs as well as conventional hard drives. Unfortunately, users also report that this particular program can be rather slow if used on large drives.

Disk Drill similarly relies on simplicity to draw in users, laying out their options in an accessible User Interface (UI) that clearly shows them what can be attempted. However, HDRG points out that Disk Drill’s true advantage lies in the fact that it can scan removable media and memory cards at the same level that it does for hard drives.

Next up is Wondershare Recoverit Data Recovery, which boasts a multitude of recovery modes that are designed to address a number of data loss scenarios. The software can assist users who have lost data due to accidental deletion, malware attacks and so on.

A number of other programs have been identified in the full blog post, and all those interested are welcome to browse Hard Drive Recovery Group’s website to read more. Computer users who believe they cannot recover their data on their own are welcome to reach out to Maureen Davies of Hard Drive Recovery Group in order to explore additional options.

The company’s online reviews show that many customers have found help at HDRG. Gretchen L. says in her 5-Star Yelp review that she found the company, “Absolutely amazing! My husband, who is a professional photographer, had an external hard drive crash right after transferring thousands of images from his latest job. He had wiped them off of the rented equipment they were stored on so the bad hard drive was the only place the photos were located. We were both devastated at the thought of having to tell the couple their images were gone but thankfully Lou and his team were able to recover all of the images. I highly recommend them and am forever grateful!” HDRG’s website offers more information on their own services as well.

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