Hard Drive Recovery Group, a data recovery services provider based out of Irvine, California, is reaching out to the wider community to share a new post that looks at comments on Apple’s decision to keep Mac Pro production in the US. The company offers a variety of data recovery solutions in California at affordable prices.

In their new blog post, titled ‘Mac Pro: Made In The USA To Stay, Says Apple,’ the company says, “Considering the non-stop race to the bottom we’re seeing where corporate America continues to cut or eliminate jobs despite massive profits (we’re looking at you, GM), or participate in hardcore union busting (still looking at you, GM), Apple has made a decision that will likely surprise a lot of Americans (it surprised us, without a doubt). Apple, mostly in fear of tariffs, but also continuing a current agreement, will continue to assemble its Mac Pro computers in none other than Austin, TX.”

Maureen Davies, a representative for Hard Drive Recovery Group, says, “Recently, there were claims that Apple was considering moving the Mac Pro production to China to be closer to their suppliers, but let’s be honest, it’s less about being closer to their suppliers and more about saving money by paying people hundreds of dollars less per day.”

Davies continues, “Like every company, Apple wants to save money and that’s all the more evident in the fact that they recently considered moving one-third of their production out of China to countries where they could save even more money, like India or Vietnam. The only reason they didn’t do that was because just moving 20% of the production would’ve taken at least three years to execute. Much in the same way, the fact that Apple’s Mac Pro production is staying in Austin, Texas is not a move taken with the American people in consideration. Apple is just sticking to an existing agreement and acting out of fear of potential tariffs.”

“Still, while it’s not exactly what we would call a ‘victory’ for American workers,” says Davies, “we should give Apple some credit. True, the Mac Pro’s manufacture location has little to do with ‘saving American jobs,’ but it is a rare move these days and we should all commend it.”

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